Finding your joy

In a society where we all want to fit in, we often struggle to find our own identity; that feeling of contentment when we are completely comfortable with who we are and our uniqueness. In a devotional message written on her website, Joyce Meyer writes about finding your destiny. As she so eloquently pointed out, our true purpose in life is found in using and sharing our natural skills and unique talents with others.

Unsure about your purpose? Joyce Meyer suggests thinking about what you do well; skills you perform with ease with little or no formal training. What’s more, think about the skills you derive great pleasure from when you perform them. Fulfillment of your life purpose is confirmed in the form of blessings or rewards you realize when pursuing those endeavors.

Just as important? Don’t spend all your time trying to do something you do not do well; it’ll make your life miserable. For example: if you tried sewing, managing finances on your own, or doing home-related projects requiring hand tools only to discover you are not good at doing any of those things, then save those talents for someone who loves to do them and knows how to do them well.

So take time out from your day, take a good look at what you enjoy, what you do well, and what our Creator is giving you grace to do. Next, accept our Creator in your life. Allow His presence to flow freely through you, taking care to realize that how He flows through you may not be the same as how He flows through others. Finally… have faith in Him; trust His ability to work in and through you, and don’t be afraid to be unique!

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~ Theresa

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