The Road to Forgiveness…

All of us at one time or another have been hurt by the words or actions of another. Often times this pain makes it difficult for us to face, much less maintain a healthy relationship with the individual who caused the pain. It is especially difficult when that someone means a great deal to us – whether it be with a friend, a mentor, a significant other, a brother or sister, parent, or child. Much of the struggle comes from not being able to forgive that person. Why? So often we expect the other person to apologize before we forgive. The reality is real healing begins within our own self.

The road to forgiveness is often a tough one to travel. The journey requires a great deal of effort. It starts with a conscious decision to change the direction of one’s heart and mind; not for the benefit of someone else, but for YOU. As difficult as the journey is, the rewards along the way are many, including better physical and mental health.

Tonight I find myself on that road to forgiveness with someone I love. Fortunately I found a map to help me along on my journey. This extraordinary map is called “A Campaign for Forgiveness” ( This “map” is courtesy of Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Robert Coles, and Ruby Bridges Hall, who are the powers that be behind this site. It describes the power behind forgiveness; funds research in the area of forgiveness; provides available resources, conferences, and videos; as well as offers guidance on how to work towards forgiving others. Guidelines such as:

  • Myths About Forgiveness: What forgiveness is not.
  • Truths About Forgiveness: What forgiveness is.
  • Why Should I?: Some benefits to the forgiver.
  • Take Steps to Forgiveness: A proven four-phase process.
  • Courage to Forgive: If you are struggling with the unforgivable.
  • Choose to Forgive: Post your own forgiveness decision.
  • Share Stories: Read about how others forgive; write about how you forgave.

Want to know more, check out:

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~ Theresa

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