Is life really like a river?

Life is often compared to a great river with living requiring us to navigate it the best we know how. How well we actually navigate that river is based in part on what we learned during our formative years. Eventually though we need to build and navigate our own lives. To do so, we need to step back and take a hard look at the river and learn to read its secrets.

Recently a dear friend of mine shared a wonderful book with me. Entitled, “A River Worth Riding”, the author Lynn Marie Sager shares 14 rules for navigating that river. They are:

1. Boats float for a reason. If you can figure out the reason, you can float too. The Power of Cause and Effect

2. You see dangerous rapids ahead while I see an exciting ride. We all see the river not as it is, but as we believe it to be. The Power of Definition and Belief

3. The River is just the river. Any problem that you have is a reflection of your boat. The Power of Reflection

4. Lots to see on the river. If all you see are rapids, you haven’t been paying attention. The Power of Focus

5. Instead of complaining about the wind, you could learn to adjust your sails. The Power of Strategy

6. No such thing as an empty water jug. Air pours in as water pours out. The Power of Vacuum

7. Rivers carve canyons one rock at a time. The Power of Process and Growth

8. An innocent may attempt to dry himself midstream, but only a fool blames water for being wet. The Power of Responsibility

9. Keep the river clean and you’ll always have water. The Power of Contribution and Compensation

10. Fish swim in schools for a reason. The Power of Attraction

11. Water, and everything else, tends to evaporate. The Power of Entropy

12. If you want your crew to listen, learn to speak their language. The Power of Communication and Understanding

13. Captains chart courses for their reasons, not yours. The Power of Persuasion and Influence

14. People design their journeys based upon the captains they most admire. The Power of Indirect Effort

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~ Theresa

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