Touch a life today….

Making a difference is all about touching someone else’s life with the purpose of making it a bit better. The deed does not need to be great to make a difference. In fact, even the smallest of deeds can still instill love along the way. It can be as simple as putting an unsolicited smile on the face of another. Take, for example, a video that recently went viral on YouTube with over 359K hits in the matter of days. “High Five Bike in NYC”  ( is a video performance of Nate Kassel riding his bike through the streets of NYC and slapping ‘high fives’ to people hailing taxi cabs. Shot and edited by my son, Mike Celona (, it’s fun to watch the priceless expressions on people’s faces as they receive a “high five” when they least expect it. A lot of people must be smiling as the video gained national attention over the weekend when CBS Early Morning interviewed Nate. Enjoy!
Remember … touch a life today “The Little Way” by following the lead and need of others. Also, if you ever thought to yourself, “I wish my community, knew…”, then be sure to visit White Light Communications at

~ Theresa


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