Managing Family Resources

This is one of a series of posts illustrating a beautiful portrait of humanity; of men and women who without even realizing it, strive to embody qualities Proverbs 31 embraces in all life areas– personally, with their family, professionally, spiritually, and in their love life too. Whether you’re a “Proverbs 31” man or a woman, you stand out from the rest; you’re a red rose among a field of yellow roses. You’re a man or woman of and for all ages, a role model of timeless strength and beauty, virtue and responsibility; a cherished life partner and a powerful entrepreneur too!

Proverbs 31:16 “She considers a field and buys it;
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.”

From a modern day perspective, “She considers a field and buys it” illustrates a remarkable picture of an individual who has a great deal of freedom in terms of decision-making. Trusted implicitly by his or her spouse, s/he is given much independence in managing a wide range of affairs, including the purchase of land. This is contrary to conventional wisdom as much freedom may actually be had in submitting to the lead and needs of others.

Case in point… as in the first line of this verse, the Proverbs 31 individual “considers a field and buys it.” Regardless of gender or era, the purchase of anything…including real estate … requires careful consideration. In addition to location, s/he considers the advantages the land provides and how the land is to be used prior to purchase. Not irresponsible in anyway with family resources, the Proverbs 31 individual is not an impulse buyer. Rather, prior to purchase, s/he carefully considers whether the land is worth the money and whether the family can afford to take so much money out of savings for the purchase. Prudent, s/he does not rush to purchase the land; checks whether the title is good; determines whether the ground is fruitful; and ensures s/he has sufficient money to pay for the land without incurring debts. This is counter to many today, who get into trouble by making purchases without careful consideration. Such frivolous actions not only use up limited resources, but may ultimately plunge the family into insurmountable debt. How many times have we purchased way more than we need, or purchase items that are not needed to efficiently manage a household? The Proverbs 31 individual is well aware of their family’s limited resources and takes much care in respecting and maximizing the use of those resources. It is this thoughtful planning of resources that not only speaks volumes about our character, but about how well we follow the lead and needs of our loved ones. When we maximize our family’s limited resources, we say to our loved ones that we truly love them because we seriously thought about their needs and considered their future good.

With the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard
Once purchased, the Proverbs 31 individual maximizes use of the land by “planting a vineyard” using “the fruit of her hands”. By lovingly planting the seed into fertile ground, the Proverbs 31 individual lays the groundwork for producing a great harvest for years to come. Further, s/he does so not by borrowing money or running into debt, but by working hard; using what s/he can spare from household savings; shopping smart; and keeping a watchful eye on bargains. Again, we can learn a great deal from this verse. Like many things in life, we have a choice. We can either give into our selfish desires and spend money needlessly on our self, or plan for the future good of our loved ones. With common sense and wise use of family resources, we are all capable of harvesting much fruit for the benefit of our loved ones for years to come. With the Proverbs 31 individual as the heart of the family, s/he is someone loved ones can look to and rely on as s/he relies on God for strength, dignity, and common sense to carry out the immense task of managing the family’s limited resources.

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~ Theresa


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