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Do You Consider Yourself Overqualified?

This evening on LinkedIn there was a thread on the Job Angels Group discussing “What’s your view on accepting a position for which you or an applicant are overqualified?” As you can imagine, there was a full range of views from “take it” to “not on your life” along with everything in between.

For a long time I shared the views of many posters; that somehow because of my age and experience I was “overqualified” to perform certain forms of work. That somehow I considered myself better than the individual who was willing to accept such a job. Then life has a way of changing everything. It varies from person to person. For me, the catalyst for change was the dying process of a loved one; seeing, feeling, and knowing my Mom relied on others for even the most basic of needs… from eating and dressing to bathing and toileting. It is then I learned I was not too good to care for and clean after anyone; especially someone who once cared for and cleaned up after me! It is then I learned that every experience in life may be viewed as an opportunity or a challenge. It’s all in how you choose to view it.

Today I would graciously accept whatever position I am offered as every position in life has value. Upon accepting the position, I would then perform whatever I am asked with great love for my life would then have purpose. As I go about my new job, I would then learn as much I can from even the simplest of tasks as I am humble enough to realize that I am not “overqualified” to learn. Afterward, I would share my experience and knowledge with others so everyone benefits.

The secret to making it in life… good economy or bad… is to keep an open mind. It starts by surrendering yourself to the realization that no one is “overqualified” to learn. It continues by being very thankful for every opportunity presented to you, however small. You soon discover that a whole host of unexpected opportunities follow. Most of all, you are truly humbled by having made a real difference; not only to the company you worked for, but in the lives of every person you touched along the way.

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~ Theresa