Affirming Loving Words

Many of us go through much of our life doubting our capabilities and self-worth. So much so that we wonder why nothing ever works out as planned no matter how hard we try. Then one day, we wake up and start to take a hard look at our selves only to discover what others has seen and felt in us for quite awhile. We lack self-confidence that comes from truly loving who we are.

It is with these thoughts I started my day in search of guidance and inspiration. Whether found in reflection, prayer, or inspiring words from others, I make it a point to start my day on a positive note by seeking out inspiration. This morning I opened up BeliefNet’s newsletter and found their article, “How to Start A Self-Esteem File” by Therese Borchard particularly inspiring.

Isn’t it funny how if we really pay attention to our surroundings, something around us provides a much-needed answer to what we seek? Evidently destined to be inspired by yet another Therese, this one offers the following 10 steps for setting up a repository for affirming love. They are:

  • Step 1: Identify 10 strengths in yourself
  • Step 2: Identify 4 people who can list your strengths
  • Step 3: Make 4 friends
  • Step 4: Ask your friends to make the list
  • Step 5: Buy a folder and label it “Self-Esteem Folder”
  • Step 6: Start collecting letters of affirmation
  • Step 7: Find more friends
  • Step 8: Propose an affirmation exchange
  • Step 9: Continue to collect affirmations
  • Step 10: Read it!

The author states this process has been a gift. First given by her therapist as an assigment, she now passes it along to others. She says that as you watch your self-esteem grow, you may soon discover an unexpected reward… knowledge that you may not need the file as much as you thought you did. In seeking out positive affirmations, you discover your self-esteem … a precious gift each of us receives upon birth… was there all along. All you had to do was find it!
For the entire article, go to

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~ Theresa

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