A Personal Touch!

I learned a valuable lesson in leadership over the weekend  that truly humbled me – a lesson I wish to share with all of my readers. It all started Friday night when I received a broadcast message from one of my LinkedIn contacts. In the message, he asked all those on his distribution list to forward to him a link to your website along with a brief blurb about who you are and what you do. He would then paste the link and blurb on his Business Resource page. In return, he would send his web link and blurb for posting on one of your active web pages. On the surface, the benefits were clear: free advertising, more website traffic, and potentially higher ranking on search engines. What I did not realize was its potentially negative impact. In fact, I did not realize it until I sent out a similar broadcast message to my contacts. The true impact of the broadcast message was not apparent until I received a note from one of my valuable contacts. She said that while she knew I meant no harm by sending the broadcast message, she made me realize that a broadcast message is interpreted as an impersonal sales pitch. Ouch! That was not the message I wished to convey! It then occurred to me that I committed a social faux pas; on a global scale no less! Social media is suppose to be about encouraging a personal, two-way communication among consumers in a marketing world once dominated by an annoying, one-way sales pitch. And what was I doing? Sending out an annoying, one-way sales pitch!  What’s more, I am doing this as I have been trying so hard to embrace and promote the “Little Way”… a philosophy that asks each of us to lead by following the needs of others.Then the second blow hit me. How can I follow the needs of others if I don’t add a personal touch? It is only in maintaining a personal connection that we learn to follow the needs of others. So please… learn from the lesson I now share. Forgo future broadcast messages in favor of a personal note if for no other reason that we all need to know that we are valued. In a “hi tech, low touch” world of ours, do your best to maintain a personal touch when you can. It tells each life we touch that we value who you are and what you do. Most of all it says, we truly care.

Remember … touch a life today “The Little Way” by following the lead and need of others. Also, if you ever thought to yourself, “I wish my community, knew…”, then be sure to visit White Light Communications at http://www.tothewhitelight.com.

~ Theresa


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